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Outbound Sales

The MST issuing service allows you to increase the profitability of your business. We expand your business and help you grow. MST has two tools that guarantee success: An own dialer that increases efficiency and profits and the best emission team trained and experienced.
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Our solution

Customer acquisition
Thanks to our infrastructure we can acquire different types of services. From arranging visits with potential customers for your company, recovering lost customers, monitoring Direct Marketing, lead generation, arranging visits or monitoring sales.
The sales for a company are essential to survive, it’s logical, in MST we have a complete commercial experience. Among all the services related to sales, we consider that the most important are some of the following: Cross-selling, event promotion or subscription renewal.
Your orders will never be at risk with us. The MST group has a wealth of experience managing the deliveries, delays or returns that your company's products may generate. With our own technologies we manage the incidences of your company.
Surveys and market studies
You never know where the next product may be in the sector. By means of our service of surveys and market studies you will be up to date with everything that moves in the market. In addition to having specialized tools, we are experts in the management of Outbound.
What includes?
Inbound Sales
Cross Selling
Mailing Agents
One Shot Campaigns
Subscriber Acquisition
Customer Reactivation
New Product Information
Up Selling
Customer Retention
Promotional Campaigns
Expansion of Services
Subscriptions and Contracts
Warranty Extensions
eCommerce Support
Commercial Advice