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I'm José Luis Domingo,
Director of the National Unit


Chatbot / RPA / AI

We transform customer service into Competitive Advantage.

MST turns multi-channel (telephone, chat, email, social networking) and multilingual customer service into a competitive advantage of the market, transforming the service into a profit centre. We achieve this by integrating an experienced team in the telecommunications sector and with a commercial profile with the most innovative technology such as Chatbot, RPA, IA, CRM ticketing, generation of FAQs and knowledge databases with the most common queries. We help our clients with their Customer Experience strategy to have satisfactory, differentiated and personalized experiences.
Profitability Profitability
Customer Experience Customer Experience
Innovation Innovation
Flexibility Flexibility
Cost savings Cost savings

OUR solution

Specialized in the sector
One of MST's strengths is its expert team with a commercial profile in the telecommunications sector and in services such as inbound and outbound sales, customer service, technical support, retentions. A key point to have satisfactory, differentiated and personalized experiences is to have an experienced customer service team, highly responsive and with high quality of service.
MST is a leading company and expert in Customer Service with 27 years of experience. We integrate specialized personnel and training according to the services with specialized technology in the sector that ensures high quality in all its services, the flexibility necessary for change, reduces overall interaction costs and leadership in Customer Satisfaction.
Digital Transformation (Chatbots, VA, RPA)
MST has the latest technology in Chatbots, Virtual Assistant and RPA's. Achieving operational excellence for greater efficiency and therefore a reduction in costs.
Knowledge Center
It is our center of services of start-up, attention and education of new technologies and automated channels. Our goal is to reduce the volume of calls from our customers, adapting to the service of our customers so we can achieve cost savings and profits.
We have our own tools to manage the quality of our clients' service, our "C3 Standard", the eAlicia tool and Speech Analytics solutions. Thus we can see in real time the quality of the service offered.
The MST system allows to give service in different channels: Telephone, Email, SMS, Chat, Social Media, Web Form, Automated Channels such as Chatbot, IVR with natural language.
What includes?
Customer Service
Inbound and outbound sales
Incidents and complaints
Back office management
Management of service registrations
Technical Assistance
Management of SATs
Cross selling
Management of installation appointments
Invoicing and accounting
Satisfaction and market research surveys
24h Service