Get to know Davide Lusuardi a little more

Davide Lusuardi, Jefe de Operaciones de Costa Cruceros, Primer ponente confirmado.

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Davide Lusuardi, Head of Operations of Costa Cruises in Spain and Portugal: First confirmation!

The Head of Operations of Costa Cruises in Spain and Portugal, Davide Lusuardi, is the first speaker that we unveil for the round table: “The Digitalization of the Tourism Sector”. Sign up to be able to hear everything you have to say.

Italian by birth, Barcelona from adoption, migrated to Spain in 96 to start a new adventure that led him to work in different countries and thus expand his socio-cultural knowledge.

Over the years he has acquired experiences in different sectors and curiosity for everything that is technologically advanced has led him to experience and implement solutions that apparently seemed impossible to achieve.

In the last 15 years he has dedicated his professional career to the world of customer service, leading the operations of different Contact Centers, constantly exploring technological developments, moving from multi-channel to current omni-quality, implementing solutions for measurement and the improvement of the customer experience. In addition to creating ad-hoc operational models to improve efficiency and control over any commercial or customer service operations.

Now, in the full evolution of the digital world and in a sector as “emotional” as tourism, its great challenge is to be able to apply the potential offered by IoT (Internet of Things) to be able to improve any client / company interaction, combining their own knowledge of customer behavior with the data that can provide us with “the things” that surround it.

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