The Digital Future by ‘IBM Think 2020’

Digital Future
Digital Future

C3 Digital by MST Holding participated in the «IBM Think 2020» that touched solutions on the digital future

C3 Digital is always on the cutting edge of new technologies, as an IBM partner it participated on May 5 and 6 in the ‘‘ IBM Think 2020 ’, about the digital future. Due to COVID the event was held in an online format and in which C3 Digital by MST Holding participated in some sessions. The themes were multidisciplinary and led by experts in technology, science, business and humanities.

Faced with this new reality, companies will have to adapt to the needs of customers and the market. For this reason, C3 Digital has already begun to install solutions adapted to the new “insights” of clients such as Chatbot, Text Analytics, process automation, in addition to promoting the Artificial Intelligence service.

We are left with the following reflections from the sessions:

  • Organizations will tend to build resilient and smart businesses to act at the speed of ‘insights’.
  • Businesses must be agile to manage change through the implementation of technological platforms, workflows will be relevant, reengineering of processes to control costs, an ecosystem of experiences started by the experience of the employee.
  • COVID 19 has accelerated digital disruption as an opportunity to change and design an organizational culture based on values ​​such as: Leadership, Ingenuity, Innovation, Technology.
  • The changes have happened all the time and have been constant, we have all been born to innovate, create and transform new possibilities.
  • Organizations need to work collectively to redefine their efforts in transparency, commitment, adaptation, collaboration towards their community.
  • Culture gives us certain conditions to adopt change: intention, connection, differentiation, uncertainty.
  • The digital age is not only human, but must be inclusive, providing opportunities for all.
  • Global problems need collective and global solutions: global cooperation and the exchange of data and experience is the only viable way to overcome the challenges of a connected world, whether it is to cure pandemics, manage humanitarian disorders or defeat terrorism.
  • The global pandemic has provided a stress test to organizations around the world, underscoring the critical need for open technology architectures to help manage even the most challenging business environments.
  • Understand your customers’ habits by using tools to improve your business intelligence, the stronger your knowledge base, the more effective the ‘engagement’ will be.
  • Artificial intelligence provides companies with a significant competitive advantage in being more agile, more competitive, developing healthier products and reducing the carbon footprint.

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