Banking gets serious about Customer Service in the Coronavirus Age

Customer expectations are bringing about a deep transformation of the financial sector.

Traditionally, financial institutions have had little attachment to risk; even more so after 2008’s crisis. After that, banks prioritized capital, liquidity and regulatory responsibilities more than ever, and that has remained the trend, even as the emerging fintech market has begun to gain a meaningful foothold.

But then COVID-19 came along and the epidemic became a pandemic causing an economic impact that will be a matter of debate for years to come. What is clear is that we are seeing shrinking capital and credit reserves in all sectors. As customers and small businesses seek loans and financial assistance, the phones are ringing at banks, while many employees continue to work offsite.

Several of the world’s largest financial services institutions have realized that when it comes to transformative digital players, the risk of non-adoption far outweighs the risk of adoption. Faced with this pandemic, traditional banks are looking for smart, automated solutions to reach their customers often remotely due to isolation.

Redesigning customer service centers.

No one ever thinks of call centers as a strategic point of business, but we fail to realize that this is exactly how customers see it. While every company offers a variety of channels for a customer to find it, including websites, mobile apps, etc., customer service centers are often the only place where to go when every customer need to solve a problem.

At MST Holding we are specialists in omnichannel customer care services for the financial sector with more than 30 years in the market. Our strength is based on an expert banking team together with innovation in technology, both of which are fundamental to satisfy customer needs and generate better commercial results and excellent experiences. Our banking clients achieve the highest customer loyalty and trust ratios with greater efficiency and productivity to reduce costs.

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