How to survive Black Friday, CyberMonday and Christmas campaign from the Contact Center

Only with Black Friday  in 2021 eCommerce sales were 18% higher than in the prior year, and small and medium companies made 28% more profit.

Online sales of at least 1.8 billion euros are expected this year. This is definetly very good news. And to prevent that the volume of work involved in the Christmas campaign does not become a headache, especially for the contact center, any advance organization that can be counted on is welcome. And at MST Holding we are already prepared to help you during those days.

1 – We start by anticipating the volume of transactions that our agents will receive, based on last year’s experience, but also taking into account the last months of this year. With these forecasts in hand, it will be easier to determine what the staff reinforcements should look like.

2 – We focus on the CX: although the end-of-year campaign is characterized by the attractive discounts, it is also a time when incidents, returns and complaints abound. For this reason, we take great care in training our agents and optimizing processes.

3 – Another useful measure we offer our customers is the option to call back, because users hate having to contact a company repeatedly and the waiting time for each call.

4 – On the other hand, for process improvement, MST Holding believes that automation is the key. The more efficient self-service options that can be offered, the more user satisfaction will increase. This in turn will result in time savings for the Contact Center.

5 – Finally, we also pay special attention to security in these last months of the year. Increasing agent training and keeping systems up to date are two fundamental steps for us in this direction.

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