ESADE Family Business Club students’ visit to MST

On May 22nd we received at our facilities in MST Barcelona the students of the International Full Time MBA, member of the Family Business Club of the prestigious business school ESADE. The visit was part of the conference on management in family businesses and, specifically, as a specific session on Leading Change in the context of Family Business.

We would like to thank Luis Vives, Vice-Dean of Programs at ESADE and Professor of Strategy, and Lakshay Khurana, President-Family Business Club, for counting on MST for the training of future managers and for letting us explain how a Family Business works.

This program aims to provide the specific knowledge and the keys necessary for the board of directors of a family business to enhance the competitive advantages of the family business, while at the same time acting as an element of order in family-business relations.

The family business and its development

Family businesses have a different ownership structure than other types of organizations. Ownership is concentrated in a few shareholders with a kinship link between them.  The combination of high competitive demands of the business environment, economic interest, family loyalties and emotional ties makes the family business particularly complex.

Its management presents some particularities, both in the roles of the different family members and in the work dynamics.

During the visit, the whole group was able to visit the facilities of MST Holding and learn about the different services that are managed from the company and then our CEO, Jessica Barceló, made a presentation and subsequent discussion to understand and discuss together the keys to a family business that, in the case of MST, during its 30 years of evolution, has placed it among the 15 most important companies in the sector in Spain, in terms of turnover, and among the top 10, in terms of profit. During the day, MST showed the participants the knowledge and skills necessary to better understand the dynamics of management in a family business in which changes in business needs, professionalization, the adoption of new technologies, communication processes, or the management of change and roles are the main challenges identified by family businesses.

The visit ended with the participation of Pedro Barceló, founder and current President of the company, who gave a motivational speech to all attendees.

We are proud to be able to collaborate once again with ESADE and we hope to meet again very soon!

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