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A complicated winter is announced. The war in Ukraine and the energy crisis are making the supply of electricity and gas more expensive, to the extent that it could be compromised in Europe. From Brussels, the European Commission urges member states to apply measures that contribute to reducing energy demand. In Spain, the Executive power has approved its Energy Savings Plan –waiting for it to be processed as a bill– with which it intends to reduce energy consumption and, at the same time, the economy of consumers.

The text includes, among other measures, an extraordinary review of boilers and thermal installations before December 31, 2022 -if the last one was carried out before January 1, 2021-. In this way, it is expected to reduce the number of incidents during the winter, in addition to to do a stricter control over the demand for energy resources.

The winter looks uncertain in terms of energy. Consumers will feel the effects of this long-lasting crisis in their pockets. Any measures they can take to reduce their demand will also benefit their economy. Therefore, in case of having a gas boiler -or thermal installation in the communities of owners-, it is useful checking and cleaning while it is still warm and before its ignition, because when switched off it is easy to access and maintenance.

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From MST Holding we also point out the importance of all these actions being carried out by an approved professional or a technician provided by the manufacturer, who follows the manufacturer’s specifications.

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