Healthcare Success Story: Improving Customer Experience

MST Holding has its quality division Consulting C3. This is a Business Consulting firm specialized in measuring and improving the customer experience, optimizing the technical and human resources of your organization.

The extensive experience acquired in the sector by C3’s team of professionals, after twenty years of professional development in the field of Customer Service Consulting, has allowed us to develop and apply quality solutions in various methodologies.

Below, we detail the great work that our specialist consultants are currently carrying out with an important client in the Healthcare sector. This project covers different aspects and methodologies.

Client’s problems and initial situation:

The Client’s Help Desk service attends to the needs arising from the use of machinery for clinical analysis, hematology, serum, etc… by different hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and medical centers around the world. The Help Desk service covers the whole of Spain and Portugal.

Customer problems are innumerable, but they are usually related to specific or hidden dysfunctions of the devices, errors in reading results, configuration errors, etc… The Customer attends incoming calls from customers who have these problems (doctors, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, etc…) through a call center formed by technical experts in different fields, from biomedical and microbiology to IT, who try to solve the incidents remotely. This team is reinforced by different field technicians who deal with incidents requiring on-site assistance.

ConsultingC3 obviously does not intervene in its monitoring work in the assessment of any technical aspect. The functions of Consulting C3 are focused on ensuring the internalization and continuous improvement of communication skills by Help Desk agents in order to achieve the objective of ensuring a high level of excellence in telephone customer service from this group, offering a company image in line with the values and quality level stipulated by the Customer.

Solution provided by MST

For this purpose, according to the standard (SLA) designed by the Client, ConsultingC3 has created a decalogue of competencies and communication skills through which the agents must structure and direct the interaction with the client.

To implement this solution, ConsultingC3 carried out at the time (and continues to do so every year, at least twice, with new agents) an initial training or onboarding, through which Help Desk agents are instructed both in the quality standard required by the Client, as well as in the specific skills and abilities described in the decalogue.

In addition (and this is the most difficult part), the teams are made aware of the impact that the mastery of these skills and competencies has on the quality delivered by the Organization and on the image offered by the company.

To ensure an excellent level of quality delivered by the agents, ConsultingC3 works with the Client at different levels. These are:

Three complete audits are carried out in the period of one year, through which we assess the level of excellence that each agent shows in each period (quarterly) with different objectives:

1. To know the level of each agent.

2.         To detect areas of improvement individually.

3.         To obtain traceability on the progress of each agent, of each technical specialty team and of the service as a whole.

To this end, a series of recordings of real calls attended by the agents (inbound) are listened to within each period, reporting the quantitative and qualitative assessment of each competency in each of the audited calls and in each of the agents, and producing a final quantitative and qualitative report for each agent in each period.

Once the audits and the quantitative and qualitative reports have been completed, and focusing on the objective of ensuring continuous improvement, we schedule individualized coaching and/or mentoring sessions with each of the audited agents to detect blockages and jointly seek or propose solutions to ensure the agent’s progress in each competency, also on a quarterly basis, accompanying each audit period.

Finally, the quantitative and qualitative results are transferred to the Line Manager or Managers of each line (teams) at three levels: individual (of each agent), team (or line) and global. It is also accompanied by a general analysis and a competitor-by-competitor analysis, as well as suggestions for improvement.

Quantitative and qualitative results after implementation of the MST solution

Since Consulting C3implemented these actions, the results have been improving progressively in the order of 3% to 5% per year in the perception of the quality issued; the agents have gained in competence level, increasing their quantitative and qualitative results annually (in the vast majority of cases) and gaining in security and personal satisfaction, especially through the coaching sessions, which are highly appreciated by all the agents.

Currently, the quality index issued by this service stands at 91.73% overall average.

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