How to integrate a multichannel Call Centre in your eCommerce

Ecommerce has come to stay. As an innovative business model, it does not close the door to traditional channels such as contact centers, in the end, the telemarketing. However, even these more traditional channels have relied on new technologies to provide a better service. This is the case of multichannel call centers.

What can a multichannel call center offer to your ecommerce? And why is customer service so important in an ecommerce? We will try to answer these questions to help you understand the value of integrating a multichannel call center in your ecommerce.

What is a multichannel call center?

As e-commerce has developed, new needs have arisen to companies, with the customer at the center. By this we mean that the digital transformation of call centers has been necessary because consumers and users have needed immediate solutions to contact companies. Thus, the multichannel call center has emerged such as customer service solution with multiple benefits, especially for ecommerce.

To have a multichannel call center is to assume that there are customers who want to communicate with a company through different channels. A multichannel call center is a solution that encompasses multiple points of contact with the customer. For example, interactions by voice, by text through emails or messages, on social networks or on the web.

The advantage of having a multichannel contact center is that you can meet the increasingly complex needs of your customers. On the other hand, a multichannel call center puts the customer at the center of all operations. This means that agents serve them more efficiently, fluently and completely.

 Multichannel call center for e-commerce

If in a physical store telemarketing or call center services are already necessary to offer a complete service to customers, in an ecommerce it has become essential. The reason is that customers who buy online need a direct communication channel with the company. They need to know that there is someone behind an online store who can answer all their questions or complaints. As we explained above, the new consumer, who is looking for an omnichannel and personalized experience, requires new methods of customer service, something that only the multichannel call center can cover.

Some of the advantages of having a call center for ecommerce are: A better knowledge of the sales funnel with first-hand information, which can help us to know at what point customers abandon the purchase in order to follow the customer throughout the purchase process: from before making the order, to after-sales service.

In addition, by outsourcing the services of a multichannel call center, we can allocate the resources we use to provide this service in which we are specialists. Having ecommerce call center professionals will be an advantage over the competition. Among other things, because of the increase in the quality of customer service that it brings with it.

We know the value of good communication with customers. That is why we have specialized agents to provide the best customer service, supported by the most efficient technology to clarify any questions that may arise. Thanks to our specific software or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) with the integration of a CRM, customer contact can be increasingly personalized.

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