The service desk is the department that deals with customer relations after the sale. The Help desk is a part of the after-sales service, focused on customer and user support.

Help desk services are aimed at providing technical support to customers. This support is usually provided by telephone or online (chat, mail, tickets, contact form). The functions of the service desk can be many, from resolving doubts about the use and operation of a software to more complex support, maintenance, configuration and repair of products or programs remotely.



Also known as Support Analyst, the Service Desk Agent represents the first point of contact between the user and the company, particularly between employees (or customers) and a specific product or service.

It is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the IT service available to the user, handling interruptions in order to resolve incidents as quickly as possible and ensuring the continuity of daily activities.

The main objective of the Service Desk Agent is therefore to support customers and employees in the use of technological and digital tools, to provide adequate assistance and to identify, manage and resolve problems that affect the normal development of the company’s processes.

Service Desk is today a fundamental activity in the business strategy of many companies, especially for large organizations: simplifying processes from the management of company accounts to the configuration of new hardware means improving procedures, thus increasing daily productivity and optimizing performance.

Centralizing Service Desk activity translates into both economic and time efficiencies. Having a service desk expert in-house makes it possible to identify and solve problems that might otherwise impact the entire supply chain, or to take advantage of ever-new and updated tools.


The Help Desk is an activity that is part of the set of functions offered by the Service Desk area. Both the Service Desk agent and the Help Desk technician provide technical assistance to users and their functions complement each other.

Typically, the Help Desk technician provides the first line of assistance to the user, by telephone or e-mail. They receive support requests for hardware or software problems, which are then processed through special software (ticket handling) and sorted by priority.

Once the tickets are received and sorted, the technician is in charge of resolving and referring the most complex ones to the Service Desk Agent, depending on their urgency. In more complex organizations there are several levels of Service Desk: each level corresponds to certain skills (escalation).

Once the incident has been resolved, the ticket is closed and archived: a very important phase for solving similar critical problems in the future.


The figure of the Service Desk Agent, playing the role of reference, remotely or in person, for customers and partners, provides diagnostics for the improvement of specific IT services. Specifically, the main tasks of the Service Desk Agent include:

  • Respond promptly to requests for assistance.
  • Identify problems: in case the complexity exceeds his/her capabilities, he/she assigns the ticket to the person in charge.
  • Identify solutions as soon as possible.
  • Provide technical support for hardware and software installation and configuration activities.
  • Proceed to update tools when necessary.
  • Support users by defining rules and best practices.
  • Monitor operational performance.
  • Define the disaster recovery plan.
  • Handling problems by identifying recurring incidents and reducing the impact of those that cannot be avoided.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the differential value of a company can be having a good HelpDesk, as it will enhance its brand and build customer loyalty.

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